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Stefania was born in Florence. 

She has studied art and philosophy. 

Very early she discovered art and she began to paint. The spiral, the archaic query which places human beings and the cosmos in the same great enigma, is a constant theme in her work, as well as time, metamorphosis, the straight line as archetype of the earth. Form becomes a place of wisdom and sacredness. Painting, sculpture and photography are tools that Stefania uses to expand her view of the world. Nature is a source of inspiration, the human being is the place where the mystery dwells. Among minerals and stars, between micro and macro, between space and time, between light and shadow, between iron and gold... 

She is active in projects taking care of the earth which respect ecology. In her work, art becomes a social tool

and a path to greater awawreness. She says: “Art has the peculiarity to communicate with the human being's sensitive sphere, with the ability to re-awaken deep reflection in us".


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